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When I was thinking what I am going to write about next, I have got an idea I will also share my opinion about beauty and ideal beauty. It is very popular topic in these times. So...?! 

What does beauty mean?

Who is ideally beautiful?

How do we define beauty?

The beauty for means who we are from the inside. I am interested in the story which we carry within us. How do we speak, think and care about others. How we speak, think and care about ourselfs. And at last, I am interested in the physique beauty. If I will think about it, everything is actually other way round, ins´t it? First what we can see are our faces, our physique and based on that we are judged by others and by us. At first we should start to want to know more what is inside of us. Unfortunately it is more harder and harder to show our true self. Because we are scared, we are hurt and we are protecting our comfort zone.

May you have beautiful hair, eyes, lips, face, legs, you are fit, you have beautiful calfs and you are sexy and hot as f*ck.... But if your character is shady or we don´t have enough self confidence or we do negative talk.... We are destroying our own beauty. Beauty of personality.

My opinion is that the beauty is defined on the physique level instead of spiritual level and that is what make us feel confused. We can see "the perfect" supermodel on the covers - bright teeth, long thick hair and lashes, big boobs, asses looks like peaches and the six pack. Who would not want to look like that? So we are doing silly things every single day. But we do not consider the fact that those people from covers also had to change their self talk and the way of thinking. They also have their own complex. But they thought one important thing. They do not underestimate them selfs. Their complexes become as their advantage.

For example Ashley Graham - she refused to loose weight just to fit in for agencies who were looking for super models. She decides to become as plus size super model and she is fighting for girls who has curves. Because they are also beautiful and they have own worth. Other example for me is Amy Schumer.I love her new movie I am beautiful. Everyone should see this movie. You will find any where else better instructions how to get confident and loved. IG projects @zanormalniholky and @silacky are very inspiring too. They are doing great jobs.   

It should be more of us. And I also want to become as part of this community, who are supporting curves, inner beauty, self love and confidence. It does not really matter if you are overweight, you have overshot/undershot teeth or one leg longer then the other. It is matter, how do we consider ourselfs? Because this is what we are projecting to others.

That is why I please you, when you look at the mirror tomorrow, tell that person in you love her/him, and you are proud. 

Do not compare to others.

Don not try to be better than others, but try to make your self better. Create the best version of your self. Learn how to live with your self. Be your own best friend, be kind to your self, be your best mentor, pamper your self. Help each other. Support those who needs it the most. In those steps is power and it does make sense.

If you would like to get the physique beauty, firstly you have to show your inner beauty. Everything starts from within.

Find your own purity and uniqueness.

Care about yourself like you would look after the most expensive jewellery.

Start to look for your worth.

Find your lost confidence.

By all of this and you will create a beautiful YOU.



With love,

Miki x


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