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Hello people, 

and welcome in New Year! In 2019!

2018 has been the year, when I focused on personal development and develop my mindset. It has been the year, when I really needed to discover myself again. I realise what I want. What I need and what needs my daughter. I focused on how do I feel about myself and how do I feel as a woman. For the most part I did learn how to love. Specially how to love myself. There is still something to learn. I love myself and love who I am with all my imperfections. I have learnt not try to sort out things which are petty, silly or they are not important. I have learnt to listen to my intuition, to my body. I have learnt to read between the lines. 

Discovering and knowing myself.I have started to do things I was afraid to do and I wanted to do them long time ago. There was always BUT in my vocabulary. I have learnt to ignore the adversative way. No more BUT. Just do it or not. I was afraid what others will say? Will they like it? And what if they won´t? What if they will criticise me? What others will think of it?  

I have learnt that I don´t really care what others think of me or how do I do things or what do I do?  I have learnt to accept criticism  - good one or bad one. If there is a critic, well come to me, please. In both cases, criticism is the best adviser and it helps us to grow.

Do not give on "good" advice from others. Do not argue with dumb. Speak honestly and specially to the ones you love and you care about. I have learnt be in silence and listen to others. And mostly, I have learnt to rely on my self, because no one will make decision instead of you or will give you what you really need.

Last year pushed me more further in my life. It has opened my eyes and it has kicked me forward. It thought me not to be afraid anymore and get what you want and desire. I have made decision to come back to UK. Mostly it is, because of my daughter. She is missing her father. Every day she is talking about him and other members of our family. And I ? I can not see perspective of staying here in Czech. My heart, intuition is call after UK. I was the happiest over there, even I have bad experiences. I am appreciated about those bad experiences, because they are part of my personality and part of who I am today. It will be huge change and challenge for me. And I must say I am not afraid and scared of it at all. Since I have made this decision, I have never doubt my decision.

Now, I can not wait what is coming next. I am determined to make a lots of changes in my life. After 31 yrs I did not make a NY resolution. I am willing to take care of myself. Honour my body, my soul and give it all the best I can. Honour myself as a woman and as a mother of my daughter. 

And that is why I am wishing you all very happy New Year 2019 filled with happiness, health, filled with love for yourself and your closest ones. I wish you that your dreams, desires and wishes will come true. Be positive, be happy  and smile. 


Miki x



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