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Hi people, 

today I would like to write about how do/don´t I manage low carb/keto. I must say, since December when Christmas was coming I just didn´t care about that and basically enjoy abundance. I was sick to my stomach sometimes. LOL.

It was not just because of Xmas but I was a little bit depressed and tried to fight it. Also I tried to focus on my priorities what I want and how will I do it?

Because I still live with my parents it is (was) hard to focus properly on low carb/keto for me and how should I manage healthy me? I know it sounds like an excuse but my finance situation is quite complicated and also we are moving soon to UK with little one and it is important to take care of transport of our stuff and safe as much as possible.

My plan is following. I am slowly getting in to it and I want to start where I finished. I cut a white bread and carbohydrates in general. Eg. instead I am eating rye bread and for example soup, what made grandma, contained potatoes and buckwheat flakes. No regrets. How did I mention in 1st article about low carb/keto, most of carbohydrates don´t make me feel right and I feel bloated all the time.      I am still looking for my balance and I am sure I will find it. When I am back in UK there will be more time to focus on healthy lifestyle - what do I eat? , How will be prepared our meal? etc.. I will not count calories (I am not huge fun of it and me and maths we are not good friends anyway) because I know exact amount of it and I will eat intuitively as many of you guys, I guess. I am looking forward when I will have full basket of fresh fruit and fridge will be full of fresh veggies, meat, eggs, dairy, ...  I can not wait, when everything will be settled and I will be back on track for more then 100%. It is more about to create a good healthy habits. 

You know, for someone like me it is very difficult to get back on track. I am shining example of it. I always focused on loosing weight. But I did not focus on healthy lifestyle and making healthy habits, healthy choices all the time. I know I had to do it for me, for my well being. But now came the time to change it and focus on that healthy lifestyle and choices and also balance. Slowly and no pressure. And not just in my life but also in life of my little one. Please, do not think of me, I would cut her from bad stuff. No, it is part of her childhood, but also everything in balance. :-) For both of us.

Who is thinking of doing low carb/keto, in my next article I will be focusing on the list of food /drinks which are included in this type of lifestyle. You can realise that there are a lots of food you like, love and enjoy and you can still eat it. I will write about this topic more in England. How did I mention, there will be more time and more options, what you can switch for example plain flour, etc. :-)


So lets do it and lets begin our new healthy lifestyle. 

PS: I will be adding some more recipes later on. I will add ones I will try and also will try to add some photos with it. :-)


Miki x



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