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Hello lovely people, 

after long time I will say something about my eating habits. 

I am not going to lie to you, I am not. 

Yes, I was writing about low carb/keto style and why I did decided to try it and that carbs do not make me feel really good. To be honest, it just sucked. I was/am not able to keep it. 

At the moment I am kind of confused what should I choose. Which way I should go. What to do.. 

I think I am not going to choose any of it, because sometimes I don´t eat meat and I love it. To have a great and tasty stake, it´s heaven, isn´t it? Sometimes I do need to eat bread, flour, pasta, rice etc. because I just don´t need it. However those are foods I love and like them. For example doughnuts, pizza...I love it!!!! I eat them!!! Crips - I eat it!! Haribo gummy bears - love them!!! And also good wine or cider.. Aaaawwwwwhhhh... 

I am fighting with myself and I am really trying to eat more healthy than I used to. Actually I am trying to make more healthy choices. Still trying to find balance between everything and sometimes it drives me crazy, I have pricks of conscience and I do not need to anyway, because I am only human, right? 

I don´t mean that keto/low carb would not suit me, it does in some point, but I am not able to make it clear for myself. Clean up the mess in my brain, sweep it up in the corner and leave it. I am starting to have a need of change. Change my habits and my bad habits. Sooo, I will try to make changes very slowly. I am not going to avoid anything what I like /love. I found out, that I am sissy and the way won´t go this way. Sorry. I feel like I begun the way of Dante´s Divine Comedy. I will/did start in hell, though the purgatory and I will end up in paradise(heaven). I hope. :-) 

So I swear that -i will start eat more healthy, respect my body as a temple and I will more care about my body. 

Movement and I - I will also start very slowly with stretching then yoga and in the end circle training. May be I will cheer/force myself to go for a swim or to the gym. I don´t mind to move, because I spent a lots of time in handball pitches, gyms and handball camps and I am not able to be active.. :-/ 

Another change, challenge... Again. How many times did you ask yourself you will start REALLY on Monday and that you will REALLY change it for good, etc.. ? 

I stopped to count long time ago.. 

I did not set up any time limits or weight goals. I will try embody changes slowly and step by step. 

So, ready, ... START!!!!!!

Fingers crossed, please.. :-) 

See you, 

Miki X



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