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About me






and thank you, you visit my web site/ blog.


My name is Misa and I am 31 yrs old. I am mother of 3.5 yrs olf girl and I am a single motherú parent as many of you out there. 


It makes me a little bit neurotic, ironic, sarcastic and funny .


I create this web site/blog because I always wanted to write. And the reason I decided to write is I want to inspire, help people and may be will build nice and good community.


I had this idea of my own web site/ blog for such a long time. I have never made decicion before and I was full of fear no body will read this. And do you know WHAT? I don´t care. Even if no one would read my articles, I will still make my dream come true and do what my intuition always whisperd to me. JUST DO IT.  


Do /Don´t you like my web site/blog, my writting, my opinions? Then I kindly ask you if you could leave me comments in both cases.  


Positive will make feel happy and charge me with good vibe. Those negative ones will teach me and move forward. And I am very appreciated about them now.


The web site/ blog  is oriented as lifestyle - recepies, travelling, basic life topics, fashion, cosmetic, motivation, motivation quotes,...


I will write about topic I am interested in, about my experiences and how they can change us. Feel free to send me e-mail or leave comment about any topic I shoud write about.


Thank you very much you read it till the end and I wish you (hopefully) nice reading.


See you, Misa.heart


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