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Vegie patties with cous cous

Hello lovely people, 


How did I promise weeks ago, I posted few more pictures of meal and food I eat and cook. Inspiration is coming from IG mostly.


I cooked veggie patties with couscous. They were delicious and I served it with salad as side dish but I think you can also have cooked potatoes or just as they are. Yum Yum Yum... 



1 courgette (shredded)

4 carrots (shredded)

Spring onion


Salt, black pepper, herbs, garlic, cumin (for a curry taste and aroma) and I used almond flower (optional)  to thicken it up

3 eggs

And I used rest of cooked ham so it is also optional.


Very easy - just mix everything all together and then create patties with your hands and fry them in the frying pan. 

When cooked without a ham, it is, I think, suitable for vegetarians - but I am not pro. ;-)


Enjoy :-)



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