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Ahojte lidičky, 

Hello lovely people, 

I know I did post anything, but it is because me and my sis had our parents over and I started to work. Hurray!! Why am I so happy? Because I did not work properly since October. It is very nice change. 

I really did look forward to start. Be where I started years ago and be in place what I loved (and I still do). Work with people who are close to my heart. My working weekend was really busy. First evening on Friday I started behind the bar, however I played my role to the maximum and I was running everywhere - like I used to.. :-)

Working behind the bar is not hard job. You are making coffees, drinks, cocktails and when you are able to, you can help colleagues on the floor with dirty tables or the food from kitchen. It was really nice to realise I can organise my job and that I did not forget. Because were three girls on the shift and we did perform great, our price was few drinks. ;-) It was really nice to relax, do not think about daily "bullshits" and that I don´t have to go home early. We discuss girls topics and you are talking and talking and then you look at watch and see it is 3 am and you can not speak properly. :-D My head was spinning in the morning so much that I did not know if I should make toilet as my best friend or not? :-D My hangover was luckily not that bad as it seemed like. Just stomach on water, pressure on my temples, weird dreams ( just to clear it out... I know I was getting married, but I didn´t see who I was getting married with.. The man was a mystery.. LOL) and pounding heart as crazy. :-D


On Saturday I was performing as a waitress and it went really quickly. I have got my own keys from the till. It wanted my colleague and I did. It was challenge for me and I knew, even I had a little bit of self doubt,I can do it. I did not work in restaurant for 16 months and still,  I did underestimate myself if I can do this after long time?  Then I asked myself why do I underestimate myself ? There is no need. I can so I did - even my girls helped me if I needed.Thanks girls!!! xxx For the start I sent orders but I refused to take any payments as I did not remember and I did not want to make mistakes. Even if I would, the world and restaurant would not collapse. It was only for this evening shift. Next day I was fine with everything. 

 Overview of the weekend: 

For the whole weekend I felt very special. I don´t even know why? I just did. May be it was gratitude what I had. Gratitude for          I have a job and that my colleagues helped me. Gratitude for I have got another chance, another fresh new start. It was feeling of that I don´t have to think about silly stuff, feeling of I can work with people and that I will not live in stereotype. I was looking forward to I will work differently. More relaxed, even time to time it is very mentally hard job. However, I took this as challenge and the best practise how to control stress and what did I learn from them. 

That people are just people and their problems has nothing to do with my performance. But only if you won´t let them to affect your mood and feelings. I am trying really hard. So do not take everybody so seriously. Why should we? If your colleague has bad mood, tell him something nice. If customers are not happy, give them discount or everything for free and they will be also happy. 


PS: Yeah, and my legs were killing me after this marathon. But I did expect this. The best price was hot bath and bottle of wine. :-))



Miki x




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