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How did I get to the Low carb /Keto "diet" and Why?

I would like to pay my attention to my first article about Low carb/ Keto diet. Yes, this is not a really new thing..Low carb/ Keto is known since 2017. When I did my own research about this lifestyle I have got to the very interesting, valueable but misaleaded  informations - eg. KETO = protein diet or it is life-threatening diet. AHA?!

Well, I gave to it GO.



I ´ve got to it by Instagram, Every single time poped up hashtags and people, who I follow , were fascinating me with their results and progress. Then I found groups on FB which are concentrated on Low carb/ Keto. And then I also did my own research and found out how those principles working, what to eat and what to not eat etc...

I am getting the most informations from IG. There are lots of recepies, methods, very well presented tables with food what you should eat and what food you should avoid. What I really love are those inspiring stories. It is very freeing feeling when you know, there people who are going through tha same issues as you do and they battling them. Of course they also have days when they are on swing, they are not 100%, but they are consistent and they do not give up. They basically fighting. Jumping across the obstacles every single day just because they want to get closer and closer to their personal goal. How long it will take is just up to us. 

I started with Low carb/ Keto on 23.11.2018. It is not so long. I have decided to give it try because I suffer from high blood pressure and I had start of diabetes. I have tried so many fad diets as many of you. I did try program Whole30 two years ago. The good thing about it was I found out what food makes me feel good and fueling my body and what food don´t. I lost by that time about 10kg and because I was not consistent, focused for 100% , I gave up on it, I gained double weight. I had bad approach to the food and to myself. I had different mind set. A lots of things have changed in two years time and mainly my mind set have changed. I let naturaly upgrade my mind set. And I am still in process of it. I have not seen "finish" button yet. And I don´t want to.


My 1st ipression about KETO "diet" was, I knew about it nothing and did not know what is going on? I saw somewhere adds and informations where you can buy KETO packets. I bet many people can see KETO as packets diet - when you will buy  some of them and pour over hot boiling water, so you don´t have to cook so it won´t take your time at all. Packets are "full" of vitamins, minerals, fiber so it will actually fuel your body for the whole day. Or you can read some of the articles and they are saying Keto diet is dangerous and the worst diet in the world.LOL.

How surprising !!! The power of propagation is winning!!!

At fist I would like to say very important fact that many people are changing KETO for protein diet and it actually is low carb "diet" when you are allowed to consume limited portion of carbs per day ( recommendation is to stay under 50g of carbs per day). History of Keto diet has beginning in 20´s, when Dr. Hugh Conklin applied  Keto diet on kids, later on adults, who suffed from epileptic attacks. As we know today, Low carb/ Keto also has more of healthy benefits - lowering blood pressure, helping to those who are suffering from diabetes ( but those who has more difficult form of diabetes, they should discuss this with GP) or helping women with PCOS syndrom, etc.


If I should be honest, I am using combination of both of them Low carb/Keto. I do not eat / I am avoiding classic pastry, pasta, potatoes, legumes (just with moderation - 1x in 6 months), flours, rice and others. I do not feel good after I eat them. I feel very heavy, bloated and tired and honestly I do not miss them at all. I make my own pastry from almond/coconut flour and it is more than tasty - eg. 90 sec. bread sweet or basic in microwave  ( you can find this in section "RECEPIES").

I am trying to keep myself in balance, it means that I am only human being and when it comes to weekends I would eat whole pack of crisp and have a bottle of wine with no doubt and regrets, because when I die no body will blame me I ate crisp and drunk bottle of wine. LOL.  So I am not strict with those rulls of Low carb /Keto  but I create my own rulls from all that informations what I found. And I do not belong into self-destructive crew neither who would suffer from hunger just to get skinny and IN. I LOVE FOOD!!!


So people, do not be silly. If you would like to loose some weight , just forget that number on the scale, please. You will have nothing from it - it is just number. Do not compare yourself to others. Never ever jugde someone bacause of their weight or how they look like. You don´t know their story. We are perfect with our imperfections and in different kind of way. :-) Everybody has their own personality, inspire, help and support each other.




Miki, X



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